Studies die het effect van een shiatsu behandeling ondersteunen

In een aantal studies werd het effect van shiatsu in verschillende omstandigheden van naderbij bekeken.

Hieronder vind je een lijst van deze studies:

A typology of negative responses: a case study of shiatsu
LONG ET AL. (2009), Leeds/UK

Delivering shiatsu in a primary care setting: benefits and challenges
PIRIE ET AL. (2011), Sheffield/UK

Die transkulturelle Integration außereuropäischer Konzepte in den zweiten deutschen Gesundheitsmarkt, dargestellt am Beispiel Shiatsu Forschungsstand und Endpunktanalyse klinischer Studien zur Wirksamkeit des heterodoxen Verfahrens Shiatsu
Kleinau (2016), Berlin/Germany…

Effectiveness of hand self-shiatsu to improve sleep following sport-related concussion in young athletes: a proof-of-concept study.
Qin et al. (2019), Alberta/Canada

Effects of passive hydrotherapy watsu (watershiatsu) in the third trimester of pregnancy: results of a controlled pilot study
SCHITTER ET AL. (2015), Bern/Switzerland

Effects of shiatsu in the management of fibromyalgia symptoms: a controlled pilot study
YUAN ET AL. (2013), Sao Paulo/Brazil

Effects of shiatsu on the health-related quality of life of a person with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: A mixed methods N-of-1 trial within a whole systems research case study
Tsiormpatzis (2019), London/UK

Evaluation Effect of Shiatsu Technique on Labor Induction in Post-Term Pregnancy
Teimoori et al. (2014), Zahedan/Iran

Exploring the value of shiatsu in palliative care day services
CHEESMAN ET AL. (2001), Colchester/UK

Forschungsstand zum Verfahren Shiatsu (Review) und Metaanalyse kontrollierter Studien zur Wirksamkeit von Shiatsu
Kleinau et al. (2016), Berlin/Germany _10.4.18.pdf

Hand self-Shiatsu for Sleep Problems in Persons With Chronic Pain: A Pilot Study
Cary et al. (2014), Toronto-Alberta/Canada

Intérêt du shiatsu chez des patients cancéreux traités par chimiothérapie
Chevalier (2007), Genève/Suisse tes_par_chimiotherapie

Management of work stress in health care providers at the haematology division using Shiatsu (alternative treatment approach)
Cohen et al. (2018), Italy =fulltext&issn=02683369&p=AONE&sw=w&authCount=1&isAnonymousEntry=true

Relieving pressure – an evaluation of shiatsu treatments for cancer and palliative care patients in an NHS setting
BROWNE ET AL. (2018), London/UK

Shiatsu as an adjuvant therapy for schizophrenia: an open-label pilot study
LICHTENBERG ET AL. (2009), Jerusalem/Israel origsite=gscholar&cbl=32528

Shiatsu as an adjuvant therapy for depression in patients with Alzheimer’s disease: a pilot study
LANZA ET AL. (2018), Italy

Shiatsu for chronic lower back pain: Randomized controlled study
Kobayashi et al. (2019), Tokyo/Japan

Single-blind, randomized, pilot study combining shiatsu and amitriptyline in refractory primary headaches.
Villani et al. (2017), Rome, Italy

The effects of shiatsu: findings from a two-country exploratory study
LONG ET AL. (2003), Salford/UK

The effects of shiatsu on lower back pain
BRADY ET AL. (2001), Iowa/USA

The effects of shiatsu on post-term pregnancy
INGRAM ET AL. (2005), Bristol/UK

The evidence for shiatsu: a systematic review of shiatsu and acupressure ROBINSON ET AL. (2011), London/UK

The role of shiatsu in the treatment of the side-effects of chemotherapy
CHEVALIER (2007), Saintes/France

The potential of complementary and alternative medicine in promoting well-being and critical health literacy: a prospective, observational study of shiatsu
LONG (2009), Leeds/UK

Touching cancer: shiatsu as complementary treatment to support cancer patients
ARGASH ET AL. (2008), Petach Tikva/Israel

Zen Shiatsu: A Longitudinal Case Study Measuring Stress Reduction in a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Burke, Colorado/USA

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